Sokolov Anton, 12 years old

Diagnosis: Juvenile chronic arthritis.

in June 2018 after undergoing a course of treatment in Central Children Clinic Hospital of Federal Medicine and Biology Agency, it was recommended to use 13 syringes of Golimumab (Simponi) (830,562.20 rubles), there are no analogues. The course of treatment is for 1 year.

Zelenogorsk, the Krasnoyarsk Region. .

Amaliya Baltser, 16 years old

Amputation stump of the left hip, prosthesis is required in the Novavis clinic (Waldenbuch, Germany). 80 662 euros (5 968 988 rubles – exchange rate for July, 17th 2018)

Karaul village, Krasnoyarsk Region.


Aigul Yulmambetova, 9 years old

Infantile cerebral palsy, hip dysplasia, surgical treatment is required at the Institute of Medical Technologies (Moscow), 199430 rubles.

Norilsk city, Krasnoyarsk Region.

Mikhail Mastrakov,  9 years old


Chronic renal insufficiency, terminal stage.

Required: Ekulizumab preparation for 1 month, 4 pack. per month (1 466 161, 24 rub.)


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